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My name is Ed Simmons. I played 11 years in the NFL as an offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins. After retiring several years ago, arthritis in my right knee has gradually made it difficult for me to exercise and walk long distances. I like to stay active, I enjoy coaching football, but pain in my knees has made it difficult for me to be as active as I like. The pain and limited movement in my right knee was gradually worsening to the point where a knee replacement was in my future. I started using Jaxsenís cream to my right knee and back. I was skeptical at first, but I must say I have seen significant improvement in my right knee. The pain has significantly decreased and I have much more mobility than before. The pain has decreased to the point where I am rarely bothered by the pain, my mobility has increased to the point where I can coach with limited or no pain and I can walk much further than before. I can even keep up with my wife while shopping! I was encouraged by the results with my right knee and applied Jaxsenís cream to my low back which would always bother me and like my right knee limited my activity. Now after using Jaxsenís cream my low back pain has significantly decreased. I can only speak of my experience. Jaxsenís cream did not stink, it was non-greasy and did not stain my clothes. The scent was so pleasant my wife could not believe it was an arthritic cream. The one thing I will say is that in my experience you must use Jaxsenís consistently to get the benefit. When I first started using Jaxsenís cream, it was just once a day. I really noticed a difference when I started to apply Jaxsenís cream 3 - 4 times per day . Yea, I felt that extra boost when I used it prior to activity. Jaxsenís cream has really helped and I highly recommend it for professional and College athletes, as well as people who exercise and like to stay active. Jaxsenís cream is a great product and has further delayed me from a right knee replacement. Use it!

Big Ed Simmons retired Washington Redskins one of the "hogs"...

I am Charley Taylor NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver for the Washington Redskins. I want to tell folks about Jaxsenís cream. I was one of the first people to use Jaxsenís. Didnít know much about natural medicines, never saw anything like it during my playing days, but said ďsure I will give it tryĒ. I was amazed with the pain relief I got. My back and knee pain that has been bothering me for years was gone. I was able to play a FULL 18 holes of golf without pain. Before Jaxsenís after 9 holes my back and knee was killing me making me stop. I put Jaxsenís cream on before I play and man I feel great! I can do 18 holes without pain and my golfing partners was wondering what I was doing different. After beating them a few times, I finally had to tell them about Jaxsenís cream. One of my guys is a defensive lineman who also played for the Redskins under Lombardi. He had a bad shoulder and back pain like me. Turned him on to Jaxsens cream and man his shoulder and back pain is gone. We both started using Jaxsenís as directed at night and before we played golf and feel great. He can now throw horseshoes and bowl without pain in his shoulder or back for the first time in years. I just wish we had this cream when I was playing. I know it can help other retired players like it has helped me. I think all teams should use Jaxsenís cream to treat the players now as well as retired players. For folks with arthritis, Jaxsenís cream is the best way to treat your aches and pains. I tell all the retired players I see now ďhey man you donít need to suffer like that no more Jaxsenís cream is a natural way for you to keep active and pain freeĒ. I tell all of them to use it.

Charley Taylor HOF retired Washington Redskin. Still holds team record for most career touchdowns    

      Jaxsens- Natural's way to heal
I' am a 59 year old male who was in a severe motorcycle accident in 1977. I had 3 Inches of tibia [shin bone] lost and a compound fracture of my femur [thigh bone]. Forty-three operations, that includes 5 bone grafts, plus a huge piece of my pelvis to bridge that gap plus a 14 inch rod to stabilize the tibia. The femur was double plated and healed in about 2 years. I also had many skin grafts to close the wound which took TWO years to just close the shin area. Plus a cross leg pedicel where they sew your legs together and make your right calf skin my left calf shin. All operations were successful. I walked on crutches for 60 month thatísÖ5 YEARS.

Needless to say around 1985 I started to walk and get my life back together, all went well considering the degree of damage to my body. But as time passed the pain grew a little each year. Now fast forward to 2008-2009 my knees started to bother me more and more, to be expected. So I go back to my orthopedist who informs me I need two knee replacements, but because of the severe damage to my left tibia they can't replace the knee so they tell me my only option is AMPUTATION OF THE LEFT LEG ABOVE THE KNEE. And, thatís was not a option for me.

Being in great pain every day is no joke and the only people who can understand this are the ones who have it.

I've never taken any drugs other then over the counter NSAID's which really don't do much accept damage your liver and kidneys with prolong use, I just took the pain and moved on always looking for something natural.

NOW here comes JAXSENS Cream an all natural cream for pain relief. I was very skeptical at first, but I tried it putting it on 4 to 5 times a day and in 4 days I noticed a 70 to 80 % reduction in pain and discomfort. Needless to say, I' am still dumbfounded but the proof is in the use of the product.

PLEASE TRY THE PRODUCT, JAXSONS PAIN RELIEF CREAM, and see for yourself what it does. My case is severe so I can only imagine what it will do for people with mild to moderate pain. To see successful results from the use of Jaxsens Cream you must follow the directions for proper use.


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