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"Over the course of the past few years, a slight misalignment in my back and shoulder were beginning to cause pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulder blades, often making it difficult to manage regular daily tasks. Those issues were quickly resolved with a few minor chiropractic treatments coupled with regular use of Jaxsen's. I am no scientist, so I cannot explain in detail how or why it is so effective, but as a consumer, I can say I appreciate the great thought and care that went into creating this product. I feel more than comfortable using it regularly, considering its all natural ingredients, and frankly am surprised at how I do not currently have any of my previous symptoms. Since learning of Jaxsen's, several contacts of mine - young and old - have asked how to get some of the product. In a short time, Jaxsen's has become a healing solution for many."

Lindsey Mask, CEO - Mask Media Co.

I have been living with Intercostal Neuralgia for three years and have tried a wide variety of treatments in that time and have seen or spoken to thirteen (13) different Doctors/Specialist. I have tried nerve blocks, different types of pain creams, pain patches, acupuncture, physical therapy, massage therapy, water therapy and SEVERAL types of medicines, at one time I was on 2100mg of Neurontin, 400mg of Opan and 20mg of Oxicontin a day, after 2 months and no significant relief I felt lost and hopeless.

Then a good friend told me about Jaxsens cream, I was hesitant at first to try yet another cream but decided to give it a try because it helped him with his back and knee pain. I have been using it for three weeks now and can honestly say it is the first thing that has given me relief; I apply it 3-5 times a day. Before using Jaxsens it was a struggle to just make it through the day, this last week I have been more active then I have been in years, it may not seem like much to some but being able to make it through a work day and be active on the weekends is life changing for Me.

John K.

"And now for MY testimonial: Iíve used Jaxsens on my neck (arthritis and stiffness decreasing my range of motion) and my hip (has been hurting for years from straining it while belly dancing without stretching properly.) I applied it yesterday afternoon and felt some minor relief. I applied it before bed, and again after my shower this morning, and all day, I have felt no stiffness in my hip or neck, AND my range of motion- without pain- has increased to a normal level!

The smell while still menthol, is neither strong nor unpleasant, and because of the smooth texture, very little cream is needed to cover the affected area. So far I am REALLY impressed! .....R. V."

R. V.

"My sister, Ellen Marinello, has RA (rheumatoid arthritis) - this is what she had to say about Jaxsens (she calls it the "miracle cream"): "The cream worked wonders...loved the smell. I was having trouble with my good ankle; joint was giving me pain when I walked. I rubbed the cream on and within 15 minutes the pain was gone. This relief lasted about 8 hours!".

Lorraine Emerick posted on Jaxsens's Wall

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