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1. How does Jaxsens work ?

a. The herbs in Jaxsenís modulate the immune system exerting their anti-inflammatory and analgesic action by preventing the release of the inflammatory and pain producing ďchemical messengersĒ released during inflammation. We have on this website a short Slide show presentation on how Jaxsenís cream works.

2. What makes Jaxsenís cream different ?

a. Jaxsenís cream combines the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving action of 9 all natural herbal compounds with menthol to provide both immediate and long lasting pain relief.

b. Penetrating agent- Herbal compounds are relatively large structures and have some difficulty gaining access to the deeper musculoskeletal structures. Jaxsenís cream contains our proprietary penetrating agent allowing better and more complete access to deeper musculoskeletal structures

c. Delayed Release agent- Provides an extra boost of pain relief hours after application

d. Jaxsenís cream contains herbs that provide protection from cartilage degeneration and destruction

3. How often should I use Jaxsenís cream ?

a. Jaxsenís cream is most effective when GENEROUSLY applied to the affected area 3-4 times daily. In general, topical applications are best absorbed when the skin is moist for example after your morning shower, during physical activity or under the cover during sleep. Thus, for best results we recommend to apply Jaxsenís cream GENEROUSLY to the affected area following your morning shower, prior to activity and at bedtime. The herbs in Jaxsenís cream (Urtica Diocia, Tumeric, Devilís Claw) have scientific evidence SUPPORTING the Cartilage protective properties of these herbs. Thus, we recommend daily use of Jaxsenís cream to joints as a therapy for joint preservation

4. Are there any scientific studies ?

a. Absolutely!. Experimental studies over the past few decades have clearly shown the anti-inflammatory, analgesic and joint preservation properties of the herbs found in Jaxsenís cream. Some of these studies are referenced with our ingredient list as well as the slide show presentation on this website

5. Is it safe to use Jaxsenís cream ?

a. Yes, the ingredients in Jaxsenís cream are both safe and effective. We have seen NO adverse effects.

6. Is Jaxsenís safe to use in senior citizens and can it be used with other medications ?

a. Yes, Jaxsenís cream is the treatment of choice in senior citizens with degenerative arthritis. Unlike the standard over the counter non - steroidal anti- inflammatory (NSAIDS) medications, Jaxsenís cream can be used long term in the elderly. Chronic long term use of NSAIDS in senior citizens can lead to ulcers in the gastro-intestinal tract resulting in bleeding. Also, and most important long term NSAID use in senior citizens results in decreased blood flow to the kidneys and possible KIDNEY FAILURE.

b. Jaxsenís cream is safe and DOES NOT interfere with other medications.

7. Is Jaxsenís cream safe for use in children ?

a. Yes, Jaxsenís cream is safe and effective for use in children 6 years of age and older

8. Is Jaxsenís cream as effective in other forms of arthritis such as Rheumatoid or gouty Arthritis ?

a. Yes, whether the arthritis is Rheumatoid or from Gout the physiologic pathways producing the pain and inflammation is identical to that seen in degenerative arthritis. Jaxsenís cream provides safe and effective relief from all forms of arthritis.

9. Can Jaxsenís cream be used in acute injury to muscles, tendons and joints ?

a. Yes, absolutely. Comfrey, Calendula and Arnica have for centuries been used to Speed the healing of torn muscle, strained ligaments and tendons. Jaxsesnís cream when used as part of the standard treatment of Ice Compression and Elevation will help speed the healing of strained muscle, sprained ligaments and tendons.

10. What if I develop a rash ?

a. Make sure any clothing worn over site of application has been laundered. If rash persists, discontinue use and contact your physician.

11. Should I be concerned with any ingredients in Jaxsens that may interfere with drug testing of athletes ?

a. No, there are no steroids our performance enhancing substances in Jaxsens cream. For example, in review of the NFL banned substances list there are no banned substances in Jaxsens cream.

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